Fully Insured And Licensed

Reasonable Rates


Removals - The taking down of any sized tree

Felling Only

We put the tree on the ground and the home owner does the clean up.

Fell, Chip Brush, & Cutting up of the logs

We put the tree on the ground, chip the brush, and cut up the logs into firewood. The home owner rakes the yard and hauls the firewood.


We remove the tree, brush, and wood, then rake up the yard.

Stump Removals - The removal of the tree stump 6"-8" below grade

Just Grind

We grind out the stump and the homeowner is responsible for the clean up and grass seed.

Grind and Clean

We grind out the stump and clean up the chips. The homeowner fills the hole with dirt and plants grass.


We grind the stump, clean up the chips, fill the hole with fresh topsoil, and plant fresh grass.


Complete with New Tree

We grind the stump out large enough for the new tree, clean up the chips and plant the tree of choice.



The removal of dead lambs throughout the tree.

The proper removal of all dead limbs and unnecessary limbs such as cross branches and low-hanging branches to National Arbor Society standards.

The application of sprays for various pests and disease such as Tent Caterpillars, Leaf Miners, Scale, Fungi, and others. We can also provide weed and right-of-way maintenance with herbicide.

The application of treatment for Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Emerald Ash Borer, and Anthracnose in sycamore trees.

The planting of trees at desired locations on customers property.

Deep root injection with micronutrients that increase the growth and vigor of the tree.

Determination of the decline of any tree or shrub.