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Tree Facts

1. Topping trees leads to serious fungus infections, ultimately killing your tree.
2. Selective pruning is usually an alternative to topping trees.
3. The pruning of lower limbs will not hurt the tree.
4. Rule of Thumb: The branch being removed can not be larger than one third of the main branch.
5. A healthy tree can lose it’s leaves five times from a disease before dying.
6. Deep root fertilization is the best defense against tree problems.
7. Deep root injection of merit will kill bronze birch borer, birch leaf miner, dogwood borer, and holly leaf miner.
8. There are now new treatments to stop Dutch Elm Disease, Oak Wilt, and Sycamore Anthracnose.
9. Carpenter ants actually do more good than harm to a tree.
10. Pruning paint applied to wounds on tree limbs is usually the worst thing to do.
11. A stump from a tree will take ten to fifteen years to rot away.
12. Trees can live to be hundreds of years old.
13. Extreme heat can cause the failure of structurally deficient trees.